transition to
a clean powered
localised market

We are rule changers

Corardor is driving and facilitating a confident transition of the Australian community towards an increasingly electrified and efficient market.

We are accelerating change by creating platforms that remove barriers to widespread adoption of clean energy.

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the grid

Corardor’s Grid Connect platform assists clean energy project stakeholders navigate the commercial process through network engagement, approval and financing. We do this by facilitating a streamlined, transparent project development process that offers full visibility of the project pipeline.

Grid Connect is generating development of alternate funding vehicles, delivering greater community access to projects and driving collaborative partnerships with service providers.


We understand that nobody should have a monopoly on the right to access and use electricity in the way you choose.

Community Connect utilises a share economy model to democratise the retail market by enabling local generation and distribution of electricity to recipients who are nominated by users.

This is reshaping the traditional industry pricing model by creating intrinsic rewards for users and redefining the transactional retailer/user relationship.

Bridging the

Corardor’s unique User Connect platform acquires and consolidates household and community electricity generation and usage data to generate value around a single view of the Australian electricity consumer.

We bridge the gap between user behaviour and industry understanding to enable delivery of personalised offers and services tailored to user needs.